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Our Story

At sixteen, Mason McGuire--Monarch Energy founder--was diagnosed with lower back arthritis. A mountain biker and avid adventurer, this diagnosis forced him to make big lifestyle and diet changes. As he learned more about health and wellness, he quickly realized that the caffeine "energy" market was filled with garbage products. From drinks with too much sugar, to energy shots with ingredients you could never pronounce, both with terrible side effects--Mason hated it all. Driven to make healthier caffeine energy products, he began the long journey of creating a brand that would give the giants of the energy industry a run for their money!

Six and a half years later he finally launched his business--Monarch Energy. He was met with countless roadblocks and learned and innumerable amounts of lessons, but Mason is grateful for all of it. He continues to push forward and cannot wait to see what Monarch Energy can offer the world. Future plans with Monarch Energy include forming future companies that will take on the largest problems that the world has--from pollution, to hunger, to poaching, to climate change. 


Monarch Energy is founded on purpose, innovation, quality, and sustainability. Our world is running through natural resources faster and faster every day, so Monarch Energy vows to not waste resources on a product that already exists or cannot be improved upon.

We hope you choose to support Monarch Energy and enjoy the benefits of Monarch Mints.  

Have a nice day- Mason McGuire.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The results on this page may vary based on individual users and are not guaranteed.

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