Meet me. Mason Wayne McGuire.

I am Mason Wayne McGuire. I’m 21 and I want to help this world and waste no time doing so. I’ve got big dreams that I plan to follow through with these dreams, no matter what is in front of me.

                I grew up in a small town of Northern California, called Nevada City… Honestly this is the hardest part out of everything that I have written so far. I hate talking about myself like I’m trying to sell an image. Ill just list things off, I guess.

                My dream as mentioned is to save the world as much as possible. I came to this dream after seeing fictional characters like Ironman and Batman. They have no superpower, but that sure as shit does not stop them from doing huge positive things. Speaking of Batman, my ancestor, General Mad Anthony Wayne is the ancestor of Batman in the comics. This makes me laugh a little because prior to knowing this, I aspired to be like batman. I mean not as comic book like. But to help and to not worry about the credit. Just doing it for the good. When I was younger and more immature, I wanted to be like the Bruce Wayne and have tons of money, nice cars, estates. Now, I can’t say the same.

                I love science and engineering. I love the absolute shit out of science and engineering. Just all of it is amazing. Like, just typing that made me smile. But best of all I love to combine those two in a creative manner. To make things that seem impossible, possible. I also love video games. Mainly because video games have creative and brilliant hidden ideas inside of them. Apply a little bit of real-world engineering and science to those ideas, and you can have some cool innovations or inventions.

                Video games are not the only thing that I like. Some of my hobbies include, action sports (mountain biking to be exact) reading a good book, and cooking. Also please recommend me books that are good, especially ones about science. The last book I read was the Handmaids Tale. I honestly really, really liked it, and I’m going on a tangent. Anyways.

                Maybe I should go into what maybe made me decide to be an entrepreneur and a hopefully (a word I made while typing this) a Kosmophil. Kosmo’s Greek meaning “world and universe” and Phil meaning “to love”. I will want to be a philanthropist. But I believe as a human race, we are far ahead. Its time to give back a bit, to our world, being a Kosmophil. Although Id love to set up a foundation to help pay for bright and creative individuals’ college… We need more, smarter people. And I know there are plenty that cannot afford advanced education. Id love to help with that.

                Anyways! What sparked the relentless drive to be an entrepreneur? Well, I know I can be a leader. I just know it. I will never forget that one day in the 4th grade a band teacher, from the higher-grade school, came into my class to introduce musical instruments to people. To get them interested in band when they enter the new school. She gave us all this instrument piece to try out. She handed me a trumpet piece and said, “This is apart of the trumpet and the trumpet leads the others. I feel you could be a great leader.” Now this could all be bullshit. But I believe a leader is someone, who can confidently take on the role as one, and worries about themselves last. I can take care of myself, but I will always be there to take care of someone else first. There is more to be a leader than what I said, and there is more to me than what I have said, But I know I can do it.

                I always wanted to be an entrepreneur to just help. Working apart of small foundations and nonprofits is great and I encourage others to do it. But I want to find my true potential. A professional snowboarder named Travis Rice describes this perfectly, “We will never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it. It's this self-discovery that inevitably takes us to the wildest places on earth.” I know I can take on the worst of the worst without flinching. I wanted to be the one who starts monumental foundations. I know I have not found my full potential, but I’m going to. But for the potential I have now, I’m going to use every, damn, bit, of it.

                Some say that I am 21, that I should slow down and enjoy life. I agree. But I know that someday I will die, and I do not know when. And if I am not trying to change the world right now, then I think it would not be any different from me dying…

                I think for right now, that is about it for me. Like I mentioned I hate talking about who I am in the core. I’m just a dedicated individual who will not allow fear or anyone or anything to stop me.

                I hope that maybe this website can make its way into someone computer screen, then another, then another, then to someone with a lot of ability to help me with a push. So that I can begin to do what I feel I can do best. I ask that if you’re reading this, that you share it to people who have not read it. I would greatly appreciate it.

                Thank You- Mason Wayne McGuire

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